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      • I believe you submitted on the internet the billboards in Tennessee. Why the Nov 6 for voting? Isn’t Nov. 4?

    • I’ve been receiving about 15 posts a day. Right under the comments box it says:
      Notify me of new posts by email. Check mark that box. You will receive a sign-up in your email. Click the link in the email. Viola! Just click you want to subscribe and you will receive recent posts…I hope that helps :))
      john p

  1. I Like the new format with the sections easily segregated for the reader. Keep up the good work. JDF

  2. upper L hand corner #1467 (no title) what’s that? Banner needs centering. It looks like 2 banners in one. or one and a half banners…I’m glad that it’s easier to find recent posts. Can you make the recent posts column the same size as the poll column? Makes the page look balanced. Not as good as the original but getting there ;)
    john p

  3. John, this is a much better Banner just as it is. The last one would have been fine with just a few tweaks.


  4. Hey guys,
    I agree with John there about the recent posts column. Its a little awkward to read, maybe a format like :
    April 19,2014
    Friday Afternoon Bits and Pieces.
    Poll section has a nice font size with the backdrop…makes it comfortable to read. :)

    I cant seem to navigate back to prior days of posts….??

    Anywayzzz…its all good!! Makin my way to the donation button now ;)

  5. I’m sorry I don’t know how to do that. Can you just look at the front page? The right hand column is just a bit too wide, so the main news is cut off. I tried to select all and cut and past in a new doc just to read it, but that didn’t work.


  6. Freewill, I’ve never tried this before, so let’s see if it will work. /Users/lindafogh/Desktop/NESARA NEWS NETWORK screen.html

  7. Today Friday, May 16th, there appeared in this website briefly at about 10am, a short story about how an LA Superior Court judge dismissed a case after the defendent spoke 4 sentences. In the next case before the court, the next defendent said what the 1st one said, and was also immediately dismissed!
    This disappeared by the time I checked back at 7 pm.
    The information seemed credible and a very well kept secret. I thought I had captured a screenshot, but I had not…ugggghh!

    If anyone has this copied or knows where this information exists, please be so kind as to let me know where, or send me a copy!

    Blessings, Rock

    • This was reported to have happened in an LA Superior Court recently:
      A woman said four things –
      First — I do not consent to these proceedings
      Second – Your offer is not accepted
      Third — I do not consent to being surety for this case
      and these proceedings
      Fourth — I demand the bond be immediately brought forward
      so I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged.
      The judge dismissed the case immediately and told her to leave the court.
      Someone had listened to what she said and when they were called for their case, they repeated her words, and the judge dismissed his case, told him to leave the court, got up and told everyone the court was closed and would not be open till the next day and left the court.

      • Here’s another one. A friend got a speeding ticket in California. His name, of course, was printed in all caps. He filed a UCC-11, request for search, with the Calif. Sec. of State, asking for the current status of the entity. (All caps name) He paid a few dollars more for a certified response. The response came back, “No such entity found.” He then filed an Affidavit of Non-existence (No such entity exists in the State of California) with the Clerk of the Court, along with the certified statement from the Sec. of State. When he went to court, the judge started the proceedings and my friend asked, “Excuse me, your Honor. Do you have my affidavit?” The judge replied that he did, but was not going to address it at this time. My friend interrupted again and asked, “Excuse me, your Honor. Is that a rebuttal to my affidavit?” He did this several times and the judge finally threatened him with contempt. My friend said, “Your honor, I apologize to this court. I am not one schooled in law and merely trying to establish if there is a rebuttal to my affidavit. This went on for several minutes, and finally the judge threw his glasses across the room and yelled, “Get out. Get out of my courtroom.” My friend replied, “Thank you, your Honor”, and left. That was the end of it. I used the same procedure when my wife got a speeding ticket, only I mailed the UCC statement and the affidavit to the court that sent me the penalty assessment, but went one step farther and filed a UCC-1 Lien on my wife for $100,000 dollars. So, if they tried to arrest her, they would have to pay off the lien first, as she is now my property. They reduced the fine from $285.00 plus traffic school, which would have cost a total of $99.00, to a fine of $100.00. I would have continued, but my wife insisted we just pay it and move on. I know someone whose grandchildren were kidnapped by Soc. Services. He filed a UCC-1 Lien on them and they were returned to the parents shortly after.

  8. John,
    First, thank you for all you do!
    Second, I saw a mail truck go down my street twice today while I was washing the car. It didn’t make any stops that I was able to see. Why am I telling you this? It’s Sunday! What was being delivered and to whom? Could this be the beginning of PP? Have you had any other reports of this? This was in Lake Forest, CA.

    • False or not big guy in the suit,what is life without HOPE ? HOPE to see you on the flip side of when the world relieves itself of the NEGATIVE people.Do you know anyone like that Robert?NEGATIVE I mean? NESARA network has a little of everything for everybody,depending on what you’re looking for Robert,so what are you doing here if you don’t like the False Hope? The only thing false so far is you. We don’t believe in you,but believe in our HEARTS that life wasn’t to be like this for Humanity,it’s much bigger than you Robert.We were promised all the beautiful things this planet had to offer,but then again NEGATIVITY and EVIL stood in the way,not any more. We are the Hopeful,We are the World,We are believers in all things good one day,after we take out all of the TRASH! Good day Big Guy in the suit.

      • I totally agree.. having false hope is the same as having hope entirely (because it’s a form of hope)… However, giving misleading information is not creating hope; but creating lies. Just like the lies represented on the site by the government. We have known since the beginning of time about the manipulation of mankind and how the hearts desire is for self gain and self preservation. Although your preaching is sending hope, it is also representing the modern churches structure, not understanding the detrimental effects lies has on ones soul. You should consider posting the truth about matters.. I am a worker of light and darkness cannot prevail in light. That is all

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  10. Dear sir mme.
    I am mailin this fromThe Netherlands-Nederland-
    I just sawn the Name Erasmus,have any one the knowledge of this man., and were he was born?
    And further has any one know the full name of Brooklin and harlem New York
    and where these place are and of they still exsist?
    Please let me know
    With kindest bregards
    Bob de Boer
    the one and only Dutch Piraste -see my email name-

    Dutch VOC-established in 1602, and that time the First Multinational.
    Gruttolaan 16
    1766 JW
    The Netherlands-Nederland
    Phone 00 31 224 223068

  11. Hello,

    I am a native New Yorker. New York City consists of 5 boroughs ( 5 sections) Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island) All vibrant and exciting. All boroughs are reached by bridges and tunnels. Harlem is in upper Manhattan whereas Wall Street ( the financial district is in lower Manhattan) Harlem is above Central Park and runs from 110 Street to 160th Street and from the Hudson River (west side) to the East River (east side) Brooklyn is heavily populated. It has various neighborhoods, huge businesses and industrial sections, lots of businesses, colleges, restaurants, apartment buildings, private homes (some are Brownstone homes) surrounded by water, fabulous bridges (Brooklyn Bridge, Verranzano Bridge) I’ve visited the Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft. Gorgeous country.

  12. Manyy of your posts are cut short on the right margin. I don’t know if it is my system or yours. Just thought to let you know

    • That is because of the format used when the post was originally on nesaranews.blogspot.com. The post is then imported here as it is there. Drives me batty too….

  13. Since banner for this site is hard to read, I was inspired to create a new one. It’s easier to read and could serve you until you create a more permanent one. Please email me with an address to forward the files. Thanks.

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